Dark Fantasy Trading Cards
Greetings, Traveller! Ready for a collection of a lifetime? We know for sure - you are up for it! You will plunge into the atmosphere of the Darkest World, collect epic cards and unravel mysteries of this gloomy and hostile place. Ruthless bandits, abominable undead, various golems and demons are ready to set you off on a collection spree, that might lead you to find the one and only Hero!
First edition collection consists of 392 cards with 24 unique characters. Collect three of a kind to level up, but hurry if you want to max out your favorite card!
upgradable Mob cards
upgradable Boss cards
animated Hero card
Dark Knight is based on our highly successful mobile idle RPG with over 1 million downloads in App Store and Google Play
Stage 1
Team Forming
Smart Contract Developmentg
Website Developmentg
NFT Developmentg
Game Developmentg
Stage 2
Game Demo
Closed Beta
KYC&Contract Audits
Toekn Sale
DEX&CEX Listingale
Stage 3
Graphic Enhancements
Google and IOS apps
Self-sustaining IDOs
Game Logic Updates

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"Heroes are not born. They are forged in darkness. Shaped in battle. Defined by sacrifice."